The wonder is that India never stops overwhelming your senses. The most populous democracy has a certain spirit that becomes profound once experienced. India has on offer a variety of regional cuisines and a magnificence of a varied landscape that spreads itself out from the mystical Himalayas to the warm serenity of the backwaters of Kerala, from the deep mysterious Sunderbans to the brilliant colours swirling around the deserts of Kutch. Travel here takes you from country- sized bustling cities to forgotten mudhut villages around rich monuments in locations where empires once existed. The subcontinent as it is rightly called touches three large bodies of water.

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Create your own Warli Art -Celebrate local Folklore

India is a land of diverse eclecticism, be it the people, the landscape, the language, the culture or tradition. This diversity and variation have led to the birth of many diverse tribal art forms. Most of these art forms celebrate local folklore, venerate local heroes and revere local Gods, Goddesses and deities. In this specially curated itinerary in Mumbai which is a Sita exclusive and not available to competition, you will get to learn about Maharashtra's Warli art in detail, which dates back to 2500-3000 BC. Get ready to 'easel' in and be amazed! Warli uses very basic vocabulary - a circle, triangle and a square, as a basis of dialogue. The creativity though, lies in making a Warli that represents human life, customs and traditions indigenous to the region.

We will visit an art studio which has been in the forefront of promoting the lost tribal art forms and artists. Enjoy a display of tribal art from across India, followed by a brief presentation given by a Professor from a reputed Arts college.

The presentation will cover the insights - cultural and artistic - of tribal art in India. Then comes the exciting part, where you will interact and have an hour long workshop with a Warli Painter, especially called from his home in rural Maharashtra. He will teach you all the nuances of Warli Painting and help you to draw your own. Draw your own Warli and take it home as a souvenir.

This tour is a great insight into art forms that are slowly dying. We hope, through this initiative the world will take notice of these talented artists.




General information -INDIA

AREA 3,287,539 km²

POPULATION 1.170,000,000



LANGUAGES There are a total of 15 major languages spoken in India in addition to English




TIPPING It is usual to tip waiters, guides and drivers. Tips are normally not included in the bill.

BANKS OPENING HOURS Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, Saturdays, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

HEALTH Yellow Fever: vaccination certificate required if arriving from infected area. Cholera/ Typhoid: innoculation recommended.

NATIONAL PUBLIC HOLIDAYS New Year Day:01.01.2015,Republic Day: 26.01.2015, Holi: 27.03.2015, Good Friday: 29.04.2015, May Day: 01.05.2015, Independence Day: 15.08.2015,Krishna Janmasthmi:28.08.2015, Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi: 02.10.2015, Diwali: 03.10.2015, Christmas: 25.12.2015

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